The Hostwriter Prize

donated by Otto Sprenger Foundation

Photo credit: Nathalie Bertrams
The Prize

The prizes

There are two Hostwriter Prize categories. The Story Prize is for collaborative pieces researched and published by October 31st, 2019. The Pitch Prize is open to journalists with an excellent idea for a story that would be realized with at least one other colleague.

The deadline for applications for both prizes were October 31st, 2019

Applications are closed now.


Story Prize

The Hostwriter Story Prize awards exemplary works of journalistic collaboration. It's open to teams of two or more journalists who have worked on a story together and have used Hostwriter in some way during the research. The first place winner will receive €2000 and the second place winner will receive €1000.

  • Published by October 31st, 2019
  • More than one journalist has contributed
  • Used Hostwriter during the research
  • 2.000 €/1st 1.000 €/2nd

Pitch Prize

The Hostwriter Pitch Prize is awarded to a team of journalists with an excellent story idea yet to be realized with the help of Hostwriter. We strongly encourage journalism students and recent graduates to apply. Two winners will each receive €1000 for their project.

  • Collaborative story aimed for publication
  • More than one journalist will contribute
  • Plans to use Hostwriter during research
  • 1.000 €/2x
Nathalie Bertrams

“Thanks to Hostwriter, my co-author Lorraine and I have already collaborated on two stories. One on refugee deportations and this entry on transgender rights.”

Nathalie Bertrams, Hostwriter Story Prize winner

Daniel Bates

“Our project about global displacement was initiated through Hostwriter. All participants from Johannesburg, Lagos, Manila, Nairobi and New York first connected through the platform.”

Daniel Bates, Hostwriter Pitch Prize winner


We look for work that shows how two or more journalists have collaborated together to realize a story that goes deeper than would have been possible solo.
No, we accept entries in all languages. However the application form must be filled out in English, German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.
Yes. We accept journalistic entries from all media and are also open to new formats. We particularly encourage video or television pieces, as the donor Otto Sprenger worked in television for the German public broadcaster NDR.
Yes. The Hostwriter Prize is meant to encourage cross-border collaborations through our network. All team members for the story must be members of Hostwriter.
No. If the piece will not be published by the deadline, you can always apply for the next round of the Hostwriter Prize.
Yes. If your piece is not online you can send a pdf to us via email to
The prize money is donated by the Otto Sprenger Stiftung. The foundation honors the work of journalist Otto Sprenger through supporting collaboration in journalism and social engagement. Find out more here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via